Japanese Classic Cars Coloring Book - Now Available!

Linner Design is proud to announce the debut of the Japanese Classic Cars Coloring Book!

Japanese automobiles from the 1960’s through the 80’s are often recalled fondly, but have only recently gained serious recognition within collector circles. In the enduring memory of some of Japan’s most compelling cars, the Japanese Classic Cars Coloring Book will renew old memories for adult enthusiasts while introducing the younger generation to the hobby.


The book covers old favorites like the Toyota Celica, JDM dream cars like the Nissan Skyline C10 hakosuka, lesser-known rarities like the Isuzu 117 Coupe and cute kei cars like the Honda Z360. Proudly drawing on the excellent photography of Evan Hayden and JNC contributor Skorj, these 28 unique pen and ink illustrations depict Japanese cars in Japanese settings.

The book costs $9.99 + S&H* at linnerdesign.com.

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*Shipping within the US is $2. Worldwide shipping available for $6.

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